How the AKRA Futures robots service works

22 August 2022

The service for affordable crypto investing AKRA Futures robots is developed and supported by a team of qualified algotraders. It gives everyone the opportunity to earn a decent passive income, and the low entry threshold provides an easy start in the world of cryptocurrency investments.

What is AKRA Futures robots?

AKRA Futures robots is a platform where investors invest in automatic futures trading of cryptocurrency. Compared to classical investment schemes, including high-risk independent exchange trade, investments in trading robots is much more attractive for many reasons:

Availability of investments. The user does not need to know the mechanisms of the cryptocurrency market and make their own projections - trading robots, set up and controlled by professional cryptocurrency traders, do everything for them.
Profitability even at small investments. Investors' deposits are combined into several trading pools, which simultaneously solves two problems: guarantees an equal level of profitability for all investors and diversifies trading risks.
Transparency of deposit operations. Each user of the platform can trace the work of trading robots and personally assess their effectiveness in action. On our channel is a live broadcast of the trading terminal, all information on the site is displayed in a simple and understandable even to non-professionals form.

AKRA Futures robots is based on a trading system on the basis of mathematical algorithms that has been tested through years, as well as investment projects of various scales. Our developers have perfected it by introducing a number of innovative solutions in terms of trade management and distribution of income. This made the trading platform convenient and understandable for all users, regardless of their level of knowledge of exchange trade.

How to earn with AKRA Futures robots

With the AKRA Future robots investment platform, earning is no more difficult than opening a bank account, and much easier than independently investing in classic instruments: stocks, OFZ (federal loan bond ) or funds.

Everyone can become a user of AKRA Futures robots service, it requires only 3 steps:

register on the trading platform – it requires a minimum of data: a valid e-mail address and phone number;
replenish your internal deposit in the AKRA Futures robots service - it can be done using cryptocurrency or fiat currencies via bank cards, EPS ( electronic payment system) or current account;
choose a trading robot fr om our team of algotraders and invest in trading.

All trading processes on the platform are automated by users: personal participation and adjustment of robot actions are not required. The task of AKRA Future robots’ investors is only to monitor the growth of their passive income and perform basic financial operations with a deposit: withdrawal of earned funds or increase trading volumes for even more earnings.

AKRA Futures robots scale

Automatic trading on exchanges using trading robots is a natural stage in the evolution of exchange trade. The transition has been going on for decades. The first trading robots appeared long before the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges, but if at first, they were perceived skeptically by professional traders, today the exchanges itself have accepted this trend and support the algotraders. After all, their management understands that the future of all exchange trading and cryptocurrency trading in particular is in the robots. There are many reasons for this:

Robots simultaneously monitor a whole pool of different technical analysis indicators, which brings the probability of getting a correct projections to 100%. No trader is physically able to process such an amount of information in a short period of time.
Trading robots do not get tired. For an experienced trader, counting 2-3 successful entry points per session is the ceiling limit. All that is more than that is intuition mixed with luck, and each such transaction is very risky. Robots trade in 24/7 mode, and their attention and control of the situation do not weaken over time.
Robots do not make mistakes. Their failure is a consequence of an error in the algorithms, for this reason developers AKRA Futures robots allow robots to trade only after a long test in real trading conditions and analysis of their work.
The robots have no emotions, so there are no gambling or panic-driven trades in AKRA Future robots. This stabilizes profitability and reduces trading risks.

All robots on the platform are part of teams, wh ere each is controlled by a leading algotrader. When stock market currents go beyond the algorithm, traders promptly correct the actions of robots in manual mode, which allows AKRA Futures robots to preserve and increase investor capital in all situations.

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