Buy AKRA token

Buy AKRA token

Why you will buy AKRA tokens easily?

The AKRA token purchase mechanism will be as much as possible for individuals and companies from all over the world. To make a transaction, you will only need our electronic wallet, Akra Wallet v1. Payments will be accepted from bank cards, via cryptocurrency, from settlement accounts, including invoices, with the provision of a standard set of closing documents.

All token transactions will be made on behalf of a company that will be registered in Bermuda. Why Bermuda? There are many reasons to choose this country. One of them is loyal tax legislation: the islands have no income tax, VAT, or capital gains tax.

In addition, the state ensures the absence of currency control with a simplified procedure of company registration. All this reduces the financial costs, which somehow fall on the shoulders of the participants of the cryptocurrency project, the end-user.

But this is not the most important thing either.

After the official launch of the Akra Wallet v1 and the company's registration in Bermuda, AKRA tokens will have the following qualities:

support for all globally accepted payment methods for tokens involving cryptocurrency and fiat money of various states;

integration of the token sales mechanism into the global infrastructure - Bermudian companies can work with counterparties from all over the world;

a zero-tax rate makes it possible to buy tokens for the real price without the tax burden that sellers always pass on to buyers;

support of cryptocurrency at the state level, which makes it a really safe investment.

It will be easier to buy an AKRA token than any security. At the same time, its functionality is incomparably higher, and the features typical of staking-supporting cryptocurrencies will allow you to earn from AKRA just by keeping the tokens in your wallet.

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