AKRA referral program

Discover a new way to earn cryptocurrency without participating in projects, just invite your friends to become members of the AKRA community. Invite your friends and earn cryptocurrency with them!

Referral program rules

For every new user who successfully signs up for AKRA, the referrer will receive payments every time the referred user uses AKRA services. This means you can now freely invite users via either a referral link and receive commissions. In addition, when your friends sign up using your referral link, you can give them a discount on platform fees.


User A invites user B via a referral link. User A now receives referral commissions from User B’s AKRA platform fees anytime he or she uses AKRA services.

Commission and reward/discount rate:

Referral Staking

For each referred user, the referrer becomes a Proof of Stake validator, the referrer is credited with AKRA referral staking, the referrer is added to the Proof of Stake pool with an amount of 8,8 AKRA at ≈ 180% per annum.


For the automatic transfer to a spot wallet or complete closure of referral staking a fixed AKRA staking of 500 AKRA 360 days, per referral user, is possible if there is open staking in the account.

Notes for personal account design

There should be settings in the referral program tab. The settings will control which token will be used for referral staking, by default it will be set for all at once, but the user can choose which one of the presented tokens to date:

AKRA Ethereum

AKRA Binance Smart Chain