Digital security in the blockchain

20 December 2022
Digital security in the blockchain

Blockchain systems are becoming more and more popular: new projects appear, the number of users increases. But this rapid development has side effects. The growing popularity of technology has both positive and negative consequences.

Some suspicious characters or entire groups may appear, the purpose of which is to use the interests of less experienced members of the community for their own selfish purposes. Therefore, each potential participant in the blockchain must know and follow the rules of digital security.

Rule One

Check wallet addresses. Do not transfer coins to unknown companies, services or individuals. Pre-check them in the explorers. This is very easy to do: enter the wallet address, and the system will give out certain information on the basis of which it will be possible to draw conclusions.

For example, if you want to transfer AKRA tokens to the address of a service, then keep in mind that the wallet of a reliable system must operate with a large number of coins, and the service must participate in a large number of transactions. If this is the case, then the service can be considered popular among users, and therefore quite reliable. When only a few transfers have passed through the service's wallet, this is a sign that you are facing scammers.

Rule Two

Learn the rules of work on the crypto exchange. If you plan to sell or buy AKRA cryptocurrency on the digital market, then before you start trading, carefully read the instructions and guides. This is a really important rule, because it is possible that even the exchange's support service will not be able to help. If you do not have enough experience, do not carry out operations with large amounts at once, start with one coin to understand the process and understand how to act correctly.

Rule Three

Don't trust unknown commands. Serious developers always closely monitor the resources appearing in their ecosystems and support those of them who are ready to cooperate with team representatives. All mentions of new useful resources should be checked on the official websites of developers. This way you can protect yourself from possible risks when using an unfamiliar product, for example, from coin theft, wallet hacking or a virus attack.

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