AKRA cryptocurrency as a reliable tool

4 October 2022
AKRA cryptocurrency as a reliable tool

Some fiat currencies can exhibit increased volatility under crisis conditions. It raises legitimate questions for many investors - how to preserve assets during the crisis? What instruments can be bought without risks - bonds, gold, fiat currency?

It is possible to transfer some funds into cryptocurrencies, using them as a protective asset. Why is it profitable and safe?

  1. Funds, placed in blockchain, cannot be withdrawn or frozen.
  2. No transfer in crypto-space can be restricted or prohibited - no such means have yet been invented. The decentralized principle, on which blockchain is based, also guarantees the absence of manipulation by any center, therefore providing cryptocurrency stability and independence from interference of authorities. In addition, any investor can keep their savings in cryptocurrency without needing the permission of banks and governments.
  3. Low transaction costs and high speed of payments. It is important for those who need instant cross-border transfers.
  4. Security. The birth and existence of cryptocurrency is based on computation. The coin cannot be duplicated or counterfeited, but it can be tracked.
  5. In the era of economic turmoil, virtual money may well be a stability island. Many cryptocurrencies are much less volatile than the individual fiat currencies we are used to paying with and keeping our savings in. This factor makes cryptocurrencies a reliable and attractive tool for both investments and regular payments.

Buying AKRA cryptocurrency is an opportunity to preserve assets and get income from stacking. Investors will be able to sell and earn on the growth of the cryptocurrency price, which will only increase as the project capitalizes.

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