Cryptocurrencies and crises

14 February 2023
Cryptocurrencies and crises

During economic crises, cryptocurrencies play a special role. They become something like a risk hedging tool, which in normal times is given much less attention, and a means of passive income, the advantages of which over classic investments are undeniable.

Let's look at the reasons why users should be interested in digital currencies, including the AKRA cryptocurrency.


Many crypto assets show low volatility compared to fiat currencies even during market storms. This is especially true for those cryptocurrencies that are quoted, for example, to USDT or BTC.

The AKRA token has all the necessary tools to adjust its rate and value:

  • optimized settings for burning gas during transactions, which avoids unreasonably high commissions;
  • the function of burning tokens to reduce inflation caused by the emission of cryptocurrency;
  • support for two-way cross-chain token exchange through the blockchain bridge between Ethereum and Binance, which makes AKRA truly liquid.

All this can protect the AKRA token from sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate of fiat currencies.

Non-custodial crypto wallet

Such a means of storing cryptocurrencies is reliable, since it cannot be blocked by crypto exchanges. The control of the wallet is in the hands of the user. You can get access to the cryptocurrency only with the help of a special seed-phrase, consisting of 24 words, which are written in a certain way.

AKRA works with all types of crypto wallets that support the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Additionally, Akra Wallet v1 will be developed for the token, which will make it possible for individuals and legal entities to store and buy cryptocurrency for fiat funds.


Digital assets allow owners to use them around the world as a reliable means of mutual settlements. At the same time, cryptocurrencies are not afraid of numerous barriers and obstacles that often limit fiat payments.

Passive income

AKRA supports PoS technology, with which staking of cryptocurrencies will be possible. Unlike mining, where earning requires serious initial investments in assets with low liquidity, for staking it will be enough to place AKRA tokens on your wallet and choose the duration of the program. This is where money really makes money.

Cryptocurrencies for many investors will become an island of financial security in this unstable and changeable world. As for AKRA, it will be easy to buy, exchange and sell, the value of this cryptocurrency will be known and unchanged under the influence of economic and geopolitical factors.

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