AKRA Futures robots work report — December

9 January 2023
AKRA Futures robots work report — December

Hello! I am Alexander Glebov, an algotrader of the AKRA Futures robots’ project. I present to you an analysis of the effectiveness of the project's cryptobots for December. This month turned out to be more fruitful than the previous one — the total PLN on Binance was 6.7046%, which helped to cover the losses from the previous not very successful trading period.

It is incorrect to say that the market situation in December turned out to be better than in November — the cryptocurrency market has not yet stabilized and was under strong pressure. All this makes it difficult for high-quality forecasting of trends for algorithms and makes it almost impossible for traders. As a result, it turns out like this: the unpredictability of cryptocurrency rates leads to chaotic decisions by traders, and the market situation becomes even more unpredictable.

So, AKRA Futures robots completed the trading month on Binance with a profit. Let's look at how each robot from the team worked, and evaluate the overall teamwork of the project's cryptobots.


In December, this cryptobot failed to bring profit to the team, its loss amounted to 4.64799999 USDT.

The bot's trading losses are associated with an uncontrolled drop in the cryptocurrency asset during the observed period. At the same time, trading patterns for a short-term rise in the exchange rate were successfully worked out, as evidenced by profitable long positions that the robot successfully closed. However, there were fewer of them than rekt orders focused on short trades.


In December, the crypto robot showed a small income, its profit was 1.972 USDT.

Profitability was brought by a long order concluded near the end of the trading period. It is worth noting that during the whole month the price of the cryptocurrency pair was falling, and the robot successfully managed to take advantage of a short-term correction, unmistakably revealing an upward pattern.


After a series of successful months, this cryptobot has somewhat lost ground. In December, it lost 7.9306 USDT on Binance.

A small number of trading operations against the background of a uniform fall in the cryptocurrency rate suggests that the cryptobot was unable to identify familiar patterns. Given the algorithm settings, in which risk minimization prevails over an aggressive trading strategy, a monthly rekt is not so critical — in the absence of analytical data, active trading would lead to even greater losses.


Last unsuccessful month, the ALICEUSDT cryptobot replenished its algorithm with new historical data and patterns, so in December it corrected the situation and was able to earn 48.8093 USDT.

The steady fall in the rate of the cryptocurrency could not disrupt the successful trading session of this crypto robot. This means that the robot perfectly adapted to market conditions and took into account the results of trading over the past periods.


Last month, the crypto bot showed good results with fairly active trading on Binance, but in December it brought the team a loss of 12.6285 USTD.

According to the history of trading operations, it can be seen that not so many transactions were made in December, since the bot was unable to receive accurate signals to enter the market. However, if you look at the chart, the December fall of the cryptocurrency is different from the situation that was in November. Moreover, towards the end of the month there was a slight rebound in the rate. Therefore, it is not surprising that the bot could not find similar patterns, since there were no such patterns in the history of the course.


The loss of the AVAXUSDT cryptobot in December amounted to 0.09 USDT.

As in the previous period, the December trading session of the bot is not distinguished by a large number of transactions. So far, the algorithm of this robot is aimed at minimizing losses and collecting historical data, which is still not enough for confident trading.


The permanent leader of the team, the DOGEUSDT crypto robot, this month brought a loss of 0.72422001 USDT.

If last month the cryptocurrency chart showed its high volatility, then in December there was a steady decline, and there has never been such a long fall in the historical data of the robot. Although the downtrend did not prevent the robot from making many successful trades on a short-term rate correction, they were not enough to cover the losses from unsuccessful orders.


In December, the NEARUSDT crypto robot almost covered its November loss and brought the team 20.6 USDT.

The situation with this cryptocurrency was complicated. If in November there was a smooth decline, then in December the rate was excessively volatile - with a serious drawdown in the middle of the month and a subsequent correction to almost the initial level. This did not prevent the crypto robot from making two successful deals: to open a short position before the price falls, and a long position before it rises.


In December, the profit of the RUNEUSDT cryptobot was 58.424 USDT.

The cryptobot was a little more active than in November, and the maximum profit came from a short position completed in early December.


Despite the statements of many crypto market experts, the promised rise in cryptocurrency rates did not happen in December. The depressive mood of many investors against the backdrop of a general decline in the largest cryptocurrencies by capitalization does not allow the market to stabilize. This is expressed in a steady fall in the exchange rate of most cryptocurrency assets. Cryptobots are not fully prepared for such a market situation, since there has never been anything like this in the history of cryptocurrency trading.

However, updating the logic of the work of artificial intelligence gives its positive results. A progressive system of control over unprofitable transactions allows not only to minimize possible trading risks, but also to benefit from the current market situation. As a result, profitable trading by the AKRA Futures team on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

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